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WHO - Coach, Mentor, Director, Chair, Consultant, Investor

Simon Jones' track record is impressive - helping growing businesses and supporting personal career change. He understands the challenges you face and can help you unlock challenging issues and forge a clearer path to sustainable improvements in turnover, profit and personal development:

  • 25 years of business consulting experience in telecoms, energy and banking sectors
  • Strategic and transformation consulting with Andersen and MAC/Gemini Consulting
  • 12 years as CEO of global telecoms consultancy growing company from £5m to £35m
  • Completed 4 major M&A transactions, launched new services and internationalised their revenue base across the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia
  • Economics degree from Cambridge University and MBA from University of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Business Coach - Certified Management Consultant - Fellow of the Institute of Management
  • Currently Chairman of 3 companies - Energy Market Intelligence (Cornwall Energy Ltd), software training simulation (Ososim Ltd) and e-publishing (Knowledge Transmission Ltd)
  • Simon also invests in high potential, early stage companies where he believes his experience can help them achieve success

Simon started his professional life in retail banking, building an early awareness of the role of financial support in growing enterprises, determining factors that influence customer satisfaction in service environments and the operational challenges of running customer service and lending teams. This culminated in a spell in the bank's Economics Department providing sector-based risk analysis for corporate lending managers. This was combined with completing an Economics degree, with emphasis on statistical and econometric analysis, deregulation of the utility sector and factors driving corporate merger and acquisition success.

On graduation, Simon moved into management consulting - driven by a desire to advise companies directly on strategy and operational improvement. He joined Andersen Consulting as they were launching both a Manchester office and a Strategic Services practice and he was excited by the opportunity to be in at ground zero on both initiatives. There he gained expertise in total quality management, communications infrastructure technology development and market entry strategies for public sector, telecoms and oil & gas clients. This was followed by an MBA in the US with concentrations in marketing strategy, operations management and health care management. He was able to work in parallel as a freelance consultant applying statistical market and operational research techniques to pharmaceutical companies' and hospitals' questions.

On returning to the UK, he continued with management consulting, with Gemini Consulting focusing on strategic analysis and execution leveraging transformation frameworks such as balanced scorecards. This provided Simon's first exposure to elements of performance coaching via the change management methods applied by Gemini based on the belief that sustainable change is best facilitated by enhancing the client's ability to determine solutions and take them forward themselves. In 6 years at Gemini, Simon developed a comprehensive understanding of the telecoms industry and experience of the power of delivering exceptional results through people.

A period running an operating region for a UK telecoms company, managing call centre operations, network upgrades and management, as well as dealing with an engineering strike, provided the stimulus for Simon to move to the next stage of his career in general management. He joined Analysys, the Cambridge-based global telecoms and media consultants and research publishers in 1998. While he was CEO, the Company grew it's turnover to £35m from £5m, increased international revenues to 70%+ of total through opening operations in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia; facilitating technology spin-outs from Analysys core competences; expanding into Media, and Telecoms Software; and completed 4 acquisitions. During this time, Simon led Analysys's sale to Datatec, combined with a partial MBO, that created Analysys Mason Ltd and then oversaw the integration of the strategic and technical consulting operations of the newly combined group. Here again he witnessed how integrating coaching and mentoring techniques with line management enabled the team to punch well above their weight under his leadership.

After facilitating team acquisitions in India and Singapore for Analysys Mason, Simon embarked on further sector diversification into energy consulting via a separate joint venture with Analysys Mason's main shareholders. This was inspired by the rate of regulatory change in the energy sector, technology evolution underpinning the renewables sector as well as the emerging IT/energy convergence in the form of smart grids. The diversification was implemented via an investment in Cornwall Energy Associates Ltd where he is currently Chairman providing Board oversight, business development, finance and human resources support.

This move has allowed Simon to pursue a number of his other professional interests nurtured through his experience of what he saw work well, and lessons from things that worked less well, in the variety of professional services and technology environments he has been involved in throughout his career. After adding a formal coaching qualification to his 25 years of practical management and sector experience, he is assisting executives and teams achieve visions they may already have created but are unsure of how to achieve them and realise ambitions beyond what they felt they could previously achieve. He is leveraging coaching both directly as a business coach, but also as a non-executive director and angel investor - he is currently Chairman of three companies in East Anglia. He is still provides consulting support on marketing, HR, finance and operational issues, as well as on commercial innovation in the telecoms, energy and cleantech sectors with particular emphasis on helping companies grow revenues in India.

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Simon Jones  MA MBA MIC CMC FCMI  Director, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Investor.
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