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SJ Associates clients have been; Chairmen, CEOs, Directors, Senior Managers (Sales, Marketing, Operations), Entrepreneurs and Graduate students. Simon also volunteers his time to support Anglian Ruskin University's Student Mentoring and Ixion programmes to help people find employment or start businesses.

Clients have benefited from our expertise in:

Managing Change - Implementing a post merger transformation project framework.
Sales and Marketing - Establishing direct and indirect marketing approaches. Acquiring new clients. Gaining understanding of differentiated service proposition.
Professional Effectiveness - Preparing for key management meetings. Dealing with conflict in the work-place. Finding routes to personal confidence and positive self-esteem.
Mergers and Acquisitions - Analysing approaches, strategic rationale and identifying alternatives.
Board and Strategy Implementation Support - Building a mature governance and reporting structure. Evolving business development and operations processes to support business scaling. Establishing career development and appraisal process.
Career Choice and Development - Assessing career options. Supporting career change decisions. Preparing to succeed in new roles. Reacting to new and changing work environments.
Technology Development and Fund-raising - Crafting business model to commercialise new internet proposition.

Whan can Maps do for you?

Motivational Maps at the John Lewis Partnership.

As the UK's third largest private business, John Lewis continuously drives to improve its performance and service levels. This includes setting demanding CSR, particularly environmental, standards. All employees are called Partners, and each owns a share of the business. As a result succession planning and employee engagement are key principles upon which John Lewis in founded. Recruiting the right staff, and providing them with the right opportunities to develop are key factors to John Lewis's success.

Motivational Maps were used within a performance improvement project for the Maintenance Department working in John Lewis properties across the UK. My client was keen to improve delegation of work within the department, releasing valuable manager time to implement new initiatives and focus on improving service and performance. Involving and engaging Partners was a fundamental criteria for this project.

The Vision and measurable Business Objectives, produced during the project, formed the theme of the department's Annual Conference in January 2011. Motivational Maps, which had been completed by all attendees, were a key feature of the conference. The Maps proved to be an enjoyable and valuable activity, prompting lots of discussions over dinner.

"I found the Maps gave a very good insight not just into my motivation but also the motivation of the team who work with me. The Team Map helped us talk about the Operations team's strengths and weaknesses, to understand each other much better and identify how we can help and support each other more to improve our own and the team's performance."

Andy Baxter, Operations Manager Maintenance for John Lewis

Case Studies

In 2011 SJ Associates worked with a strategy consulting company who wanted to construct its elevator pitch and sharpen its client acquisition process. Through a programme of four 1 hour coaching sessions, our Founder, Simon initially helped the client update their service proposition and marketing strategy and test it out with clients. Then on using this feedback through the coaching sessions, the client built and started implementing their revenue acceleration plan and generated new business within the course of the programme.

June 2012

Worked with a senior management consultant to establish a new career direction. Over 4 one-to-one sessions, we identified working environments best suited to the personality, motivations and strengths of the client, generated a prioritised set of career options to investigate from an exhaustive list and generated decision-making criteria to select route forward from an exhaustive list of options. During the programme, the client started a new position and the coaching then continued to support them build confidence, enhance their capabilities in the areas needed to succeed, and maximise impact in the role.


“Simon provided extremely valuable coaching support to enable me to validate my career decisions, create a medium vision and to test out various approaches to operational and planning challenges I faced in my work. The mix of probing questions and the depth of real life experiences he could bring to bear on my goals and issues was insightful and definitely enabled me to move forward quicker and with more confidence than I would have done otherwise. Whatever the stress of the day-to-day environment, Simon's sessions were both relaxing and challenging at the same time.”

Sales Director, Education software provider
Aug 6, 2012

“Simon has tremendously helped me clarifying the right career direction for me through four sessions of coaching. Simon managed to carefully listen to my intentions as well as my experience, adapted his approach to my expectations and brought many good suggestions along the sessions without ever crossing the line between coaching and mentoring. The sessions with Simon gave me confidence in a career choice that has now happened. I strongly recommend Simon for anyone who is needing support in career development through a coaching exercise.”

Senior manager, oil and gas company
Dec 12, 2011

“Simon has a wealth of real life experience and business success which give him an excellent background as a business coach and mentor...

His greatest asset is his ability to get the message across and deliver transformational business change whilst keeping all parties on board. Simon's coaching comes from a background of knowledge and experience of what works and he uses those lessons to ensure he delivers every time... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simon's work to anyone...”

Owner, team coaching services
May 23, 2011

“Simon has all the qualities that you would want in a business coach. He is a very personable and highly trustworthy person. He has an open-minded nature, and a breadth of business experience and knowledge that he is able to use to make insightful and helpful comments to any issues you may have. My time with Simon helped me develop confidence in my own role and a greater faith in my own judgment and intuition.”

Chair, Professional services organisation
June 3, 2011

“Simon's a great business coach and consultant, providing equal amounts of structure, space, support and challenge, hence supporting the kind of self-insight and learning that leads to strong personal motivation and results.”

Owner, Life coaching business
November 5, 2011

“Simon is exceptionally hard working and fair minded. He consistently does his best for his team with integrity and honesty and was a great pleasure to work for. We worked together on aspects of culture change and creation of a sales-focussed culture and Simon did this tirelessly against a very challenging set of market conditions and some severe management challenges.”

Principal (colleague), Professional Services
October 4, 2006

“As COO of strategy consultants Analysys Mason I worked alongside Simon for 11 years, after he was brought in as CEO of the Consulting business, and later when his role extended to cover Research. His broad experience of strategy consulting was invaluable in many aspects of the company's development and change, not only growth and the exploitation of new markets but also the challenges of early 2000s. I very much enjoyed working closely with Simon on aligning the company's day-to-day operations with its strategic vision, and I appreciated not only his insights but also his patient, committed and thoughtful working style.”

Principal (colleague), Professional Services
June 17, 2011

“After interviewing a number of business coaches, we selected Simon because of his detailed understanding of consultancy businesses, his creative approach to selling and his knowledge on our target market of customers. I've greatly enjoyed working with Simon. He has helped me solve a diverse set of issues: Business development, marketing, team leading and positioning our company for success. I'd wholeheartedly recommend any business owner look at hiring Simon as a business coach to take them to the next level.”

Founder, Recruitment Consulting
June 12, 2012

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